An achievement trophy.

An achievement is an award to players for completing certain tasks. They act as bragging rights for players and do not affect the whole of Codemon. They can be viewed on a player's profile; if a player has their account connected to a Facebook account, achievements can be shared there via game.

List of achievementsEdit

There are currently twenty-eight achievements.

Name How to achieve
Heaven Master Find all the Heaven Codemon
Earth Master Find all the Earth Codemon
Water Master Find all the Water Codemon
Fire Master Find all the Fire Codemon
Thunder Master Find all the Thunder Codemon
Mountain Master Find all the Mountain Codemon
Wind Master Find all the Wind Codemon
Swamp Master Find all the Heaven Codemon
Arcane Initiate Summon an Arcane Codemon
Arcane Apprentice Summon ten different Arcane Codemon
Arcane Master Summon all twenty-eight Arcane Codemon
Spell Master Have one (or more) of each spell
Aura Master Have one (or more) of each aura
Scanning Spree Scan five barcodes in less than a minute
Persistent Scanner Scan the same barcode five times
Bronze Scanner Scan 100 barcodes
Silver Scanner Scan 1,000 barcodes
Golden Scanner Scan 10,000 barcodes
Bronze Battler Participate in 100 [[battle]s
Silver Battler Participate in 1,000 battles
Golden Battler Participate in 10,000 battles
Real Royalty Have one of each pure Codemon at level 50 (or higher)
Who are you calling small? Win a battle against a Codemon two levels higher
Good Hearted Release five Codemon
Grown and Free Release a Codemon that is level 5 (or higher)
Quest Master Complete twenty-five quests
The Mejindor Raise a Mejindor to level 100

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