An example of a Codemon's characteristics.

A characteristic is a stat value that affect a Codemon's abilities in battle. There are three characteristic types: power, endurance, and dexterity.


Characteristics are random for each encountered Codemon. They are fixed values and cannot be raised over time by leveling up, unlike other games. The only way to raise the values is to use a temporary spell before a battle or to use a permanent aura on the Codemon. Both spells and auras give +2 to a specific characteristic.

Characteristic values can vary from two to six; all characteristics added up must equal 10 (prior to any aura bonuses).


A Codemon's power affects how strong their attacks are. The following formula are use to calculate the amount of damage a Codemon will deal:

$ Min = 0.25 * Power * Level $

$ Max = 0.75 * Power * Level $

The resulting numbers are rounded down, with a minimum value of 1.

A level 100 Codemon with 2 power will deal 50-150 damage, while one with 6 power deals 150-450 damage.


A Codemon's endurance affects how many health points the Codemon has.

$ HP = Endurance * Level $

A level 100 Codemon with 2 endurance has 200 health points, whereas one with 6 endurance has 600 health points.


A Codemon's dexterity affects how many times they attack each turn and which Codemon moves first in battle.

$ Attacks = (Dexterity * Level) / 10 $

The resulting number is rounded down, with a minimum value of 1.

For example, a level 100 Codemon with 2 dexterity has twenty attacks, whereas one with 6 dexterity has sixty attacks.