A DrinkMe Potion is a type of potion. Unlike a Healing Potion, a DrinkMe Potion increases a Codemon's experience.

They can be purchased from the Market and are seldomly awarded for completing quests (e.g. DrinkMe Micro Potion for scanning a Diori).

List of DrinkMe PotionsEdit

There are five sizes of DrinkMe Potions.

Name Xp


Drinkmemicro DrinkMe Micro Potion 115 - 135Xp 1,000Credits
Drinkmemini DrinkMe Mini Potion 225 - 275Xp 2,000Credits
Drinkme DrinkMe Potion 450 - 550Xp 4,000Credits
Drinkmesuper DrinkMe Super Potion 900 - 1100Xp 8,000Credits
Drinkmeuber DrinkMe Uber Potion 1,800 - 2,200Xp 16,000Credits

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