Summoning is a feature that was was added to Codemon on July 9, 2013. It allows players to obtain Arcane Codemon.


Summoning is the only way a player can obtain completely new Arcane Codemon. It requires the player to sacrifice two chosen Pure Codemon.

Players can choose to have either a Basic Summon or an A-Summon; both summon types have differing chances of success. If a summon fails, the chosen Pures are not sacrified and will be return to the player.

Summon typesEdit

Basic SummonEdit

A Basic Summon's chance of success is based on the average of the levels of the two Pure Codemon chosen to be sacrificed. The higher the levels, the better the chance.

Basic Summons cost 50,000Credits each.


An A-Summon is a summon "performed by top class summoners". It does not have a chance of failing and will always result in an Arcane Codemon. Unlike Basic Summons, A-Summons cost CO3 credits and are not paid for with Credits .

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